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Powering smart hospitals with AI at the edge

Timely and accurate diagnosis increases patient chances for successful treatment. A fusion of AI, medical imaging and edge computing is delivering real time, life saving insights at the point of care to bring scalable AI and real time imaging to the edge.

How to achieve a 10 year battery life in medical applications

Today’s IoT applications are capable of more than ever imaginable in recent years.
24th October 2019

Advancing medical technology with TE Connectivity

Let's create a safer and more productive world.
29th April 2019

Advancing medical devices with a modern software platform

From surgical robots to 'smart hospitals' to wearable medical devices and virtual doctor visits, new technology is revolutionising healthcare.
27th February 2019

Device design considerations: charging and discharging the battery

When working with any rechargeable battery extreme care must be taken when charging any chemistry.
4th February 2019

Augmenting radiology with Artificial Intelligence

Listen to influencers in radiology from the University of Chicago, the American College of Radiology, Stanford Children's Health, and OSU Wexner Medical Center deliver their insights on how AI can augment radiology workflows to improve operational efficiencies and enhance patient care.
21st January 2019

Blind people can now play car racing video games

Blind people and others with serious visual impairments are not known for playing a lot of video games. Yet, a graduate student at Columbia University has developed a system that allows completely blind people to drive racing cars in video games.
4th June 2018

Lowest power edge nodes: Structural health monitoring

Watch this video to see how the strengths of Analog Devices components and systems may be leveraged to realise an ultra-low power wireless sensor node.
2nd February 2018

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