Veta smart case & app for epinephrine auto-injectors

12th September 2018
Posted By : Enaie Azambuja
Veta smart case & app for epinephrine auto-injectors

Aterica has announced the general availability of Vetaf Smart Case & App – the first-ever comprehensive anaphylaxis and food allergy support system for individuals and their families. Veta provides increased security, freedom, and confidence for everyone involved by surrounding individuals living with anaphylaxis with their network of connected Veta Smart Case-enabled epinephrine auto-injectors and with their support circle of family, friends, and caregivers connected through Veta App.

Veta includes Veta Smart Cases which replace stock epinephrine auto-injector cases and incorporate electronics and sensors to monitor the proximity, presence and removal, temperature, and expiry of auto-injectors.

Veta Smart Cases connect via Bluetooth to Veta App (available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android mobile devices), which then connects through a cloud-enabled infrastructure to share real-time status and alerts with the user’s support circle.

This infrastructure provides a variety of connected benefits for those carrying epinephrine auto-injectors, as well as family and friends in their support circle.

Approximately 40 million people have a serious, potentially anaphylactic allergy to food, bee stings, and latex in the US alone. Avoiding allergen triggers is complex and daily vigilance is difficult, but Veta introduces a number of critical support features, including the following:

  • Removal Alerts to indicate when the auto-injector is removed from Veta Smart Case as well as sharing information about the user’s location to the user’s support circle
  • Separation Alerts to notify when the auto-injectors have been left behind
  • FindMe Locator to locate misplaced auto-injectors quickly and easily using a map and by activating the smart case’s flashing lights and beeping sounds
  • Temperature Monitor to notify the user when the auto-injector’s temperature is not within the range set by the user
  • Expiry Watch to warn about approaching expiry dates that could affect the integrity of epinephrine inside the auto-injector
  • Support Circles that allow individuals and families to stay connected to support someone living with anaphylaxis and provide comfort and assistance in the event of a reaction

“Veta is an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated and secure, anaphylaxis management system that provides rapid notifications during an allergic reaction as well as ongoing monitoring of auto-injectors,” said Alex Leyn, CEO of Aterica.

“We’re pleased to announce that Veta is now available for purchase. With Veta Smart Case & App, individuals and families living with anaphylaxis have an extra layer of protection in life-threatening situations, along with reassurance in their daily lives.”

Currently, Veta Smart Case is compatible with EPIPEN, EPIPEN JR and Mylan’s authorised generics to EPIPEN auto-injectors.

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