Solution for better asthma and COPD management launched in the US

14th August 2018
Source: Adherium
Posted By : Enaie Azambuja
Solution for better asthma and COPD management launched in the US

Adherium has officially launched the Hailie solution in the U.S., following its recent FDA 510(k) over-the-counter clearance to enable sales direct to consumers. The Hailie solution helps patients with asthma and COPD access better care through a seamless digital experience that includes a smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android, and a sensor that attaches to patient’s prescription inhaler medication.

Adherium believes health technology should be simple to use and it has strived to make the Hailie solution effortless for anybody managing chronic respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD.

The Hailie solution is designed to help patients achieve better adherence by providing people who live with asthma or COPD with the tools to manage their condition and empowering them to take control of their health.

It does this by tracking medication use and reminding the user with helpful nudges when it’s time to take doses. The Hailie solution can also provide visibility of medication use and adherence to parents and caregivers.

“We’re extremely excited to announce the availability of the full Hailie solution in the U.S.,” said Arik Anderson, CEO of Adherium.

“Individuals and families with asthma and COPD can now access a solution that encompasses the world’s most clinically proven asthma and COPD medication adherence platform, cleverly packaged into the simplest interface. Hailie is the culmination of 15 years of accelerating research and development and is focused on the premise that if we are to turn the corner on treating chronic conditions, we have to make managing them second nature."

"Today, through advances in technology, the power of real-time feedback, and data science we can cross that last mile in achieving better health – putting medicine to work in the proving ground of everyday life.”

“We applaud Adherium’s intent to make disease management easy and smart for all families,” said Dr. Andrew Weinstein, MD. “By leveraging smarter and easier technologies, we see the potential to better help families manage their health, which in turn could produce tremendous results for communities.”

“Adherium’s focus on making disease management fit more easily in patients’ lives is a valuable contribution,” said Vitalus Health's CEO K. Cody Patel. “Adherence technology that fits naturally within a physician’s practice makes care seamless; it fosters a better understanding for patients, meeting a tremendous need.”

As part of the comprehensive Hailie solution, Adherium is also launching an online portal for healthcare professionals and clinicians ( to visualise and analyse patient-group data collected from Hailie sensors. This platform will support engagement between health professionals and patients by enabling sharing and monitoring of patient inhaler usage.

Asthma continues to be the third-ranking cause of hospitalisation for children under 15 years of age in the U.S. It is the leading cause of missed school days among children aged 5 to 17. Students with asthma may be at a higher risk of poor performance, and families continue to struggle to cope with asthma, as each missed day of school can also lead to missed work days.

Adherium’s has sold more than 130,000 inhaler sensors globally and its technology has garnered a wide body of clinical evidence, having been featured in 74 peer-reviewed journals to date.

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I had been hospitalized for 4 years

I had been hospitalized for 4 years in a row all in the same month march, for shortness of breath. They thought it was asthma. The last time which was this year, they hospitalized me for a week. Which they ran lots of test and determined I have COPD. The symptoms I had were shortness of breath, tired, and coughing.There has been little if any progress in finding a cure or reliable treatment. I was seeking something to help regain my life to be able to do things for myself. Through my primary physician i learnt about a COPD disease herbal formula from NATURAL HERBAL GARDENS and their success rate with the treatment, i immediately started on the COPD disease herbal protocol, I am glad to report the herbal formula worked effectively and there was no side effects, I had a total decline in symptoms, the Chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms stopped, my COPD disease is totally REVERSED

Elaine Mendez posted on 31st August 2018 at 08:51am

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