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Technique simplifies detection of cancer DNA biomarkers

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., making early, reliable diagnosis and treatment a priority for researchers. Genomic biomarkers offer great potential for diagnostics and new forms of treatment, such as immunotherapy. Miniaturised lab-on-chip approaches are prime candidates for developing viable diagnostic tests and instruments because they are small, need only limited test volumes, and can be cost-effective.
14th December 2016

Researchers create living bio-hybrid system

Researchers create living bio-hybrid system
  One of the biggest challenges in cognitive or rehabilitation neurosciences is the ability to design a functional hybrid system that can connect and exchange information between biological systems, like neurons in the brain, and human-made electronic devices.
21st November 2016

Platform enables point-of-care diagnosis of HIV and HCV

Platform enables point-of-care diagnosis of HIV and HCV
  Researchers at McGill University in Montreal have recently developed a portable, paper-based electrochemical platform with multiplexing and telemedicine capabilities that may enable low-cost, point-of-care diagnosis of HIV and HCV co-infections within serum samples.
14th April 2016

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